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A FAST Response is the Best Response for Stroke

stroke, FAST
FAST response to stroke

When a person has a stroke it is very important to react FAST as with each passing minute the damage it can cause increases dramatically, but how does one recognise when a person is having a stroke. Using the FAST method is the easiest way to detect when a person is having a stroke and helping that person get the medical care they need.

FAST is an acronym and stands for

Facial drooping: This is when a section of the face starts drooping or is difficult to move and is usually only on one side. This can be recognised with a crooked smile

Arm weakness: This is when the person is unable to raise their arm fully.

Speech difficulties: This is when they are unable to produce or understand speech

Time: If the person is showing the symptoms of Facial drooping, Arm weakness, or Speech difficulties, then time is of the essence and it is vital to call the emergency services or go to the hospital.

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