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To Drink or Not To Drink: How Does It Affect The Risk of Stroke

drinking and stroke
Beer, wine, and spirits are all forms of drinking

Previously thought that moderate drinking of one to two drinks per day can protect against stroke. A new study involving 160,000 Chinese adults found this not to be quite so true.

Published in The Lancet on April 4th, the study involved men and women, their drinking habits and the gene variants that causes the flushing reaction after drinking. Consisting of mainly men (33%) and less women (2%) that drink, the findings found that it did not protect against stroke, but instead appeared to increase the risk.

On average these people consumed up to four drinks a day and it contributed to 8% of all strokes caused by a clot in the brain and 16% by bleeding strokes.

Unfortunately guys this means reconsidering that extra drink at the bar.

*This study did not involve any other lifestyle factor such as smoking.

**Women were not the major focus of the study, but does not indicate either way that the results will be the same for women.

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