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Companion App

We are working on a Add-Life companion smartphone app that conveniently shows mobility, dexterity, and cognitive function.

This allows the individual, carer and health care professional to see an individual's current condition and progress at a glance. It will send reminders to the patient and show them their current progress.

You can see the metrics kept for each user, which can then be graphed over time to see a patients rehabilitation pathway.

Addy - Our Virtual Friend

Rehabilitation is a long journey, and having someone supporting and guiding you can ease the stress. Addy is your own personal rehabilitation coach and guide.

We are developing her with natural language augmentation that encourages, explains exercises, and translates medical results into a casual and understandable conversation.

She will also help the vision-impaired and has a hearing-impaired module in development. Psychological support is extremely important, most stroke survivors report changes in mental health and well-being, confidence, self-worth, and social connection due to changes in their body, physical activity and self esteem.

Attention Primary Caregivers

Add-Life helps people with their rehabilitation in cognitive ability,
fine motor skills, and co-ordination.

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