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Immersive Virtual Reality and Gamification Within Procedurally Generated Environments to Increase Motivation During Gait Rehabilitation

The objective of this randomised control trial was to investigate if home-based virtual reality balance training has higher efficacy than conventional home-based balance training for Parkinson’s patients. The study included 23 patients that were split into a control group, which completed conventional training at home with physical therapist, or the experimental group, which received VR training at home.

Several tests were used to determine the effect on the patients’ balance, walking, and quality of life. No significant differences were found between the experimental and control group and so it can be concluded that home-based VR training is equally as effective as conventional home-based training with a physical therapist.

Kern, Florian; Winter, Carla; Gall, Dominik; Kathner, Ivo; Pauli, Paul; Latoschik, Marc Erich (2019) 

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