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VR Exercises

15 minutes a day


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Continuous motivation


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Who is it for?

At Add-Life Technologies, we're transforming mobility rehabilitation through the power of Virtual Reality (VR). Specializing in helping those affected by brain injury including Stroke and Parkinson's disease, our innovative solution brings therapy into the comfort of your home.

Imagine dedicating just 15 minutes a day to engaging VR activities on a mobile device, and taking a significant step towards recovery.

Created in collaboration with Occupational therapists, our activities are not only fun but are specially crafted to stimulate brain recovery and improve fine motor skills.

These immersive activites aim to make it easier to stick to your rehabilitation exercises and boost your neuroplasticity, making daily tasks like brushing your teeth or navigating your home easier and more independent.

For our users, Add-Life is more than rehabilitation; it's about reclaiming independence and enjoying life with activities that are as entertaining as they are therapeutic.


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Learn about the headset and activities to help your loved one recover faster

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