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Special Deal to Early Adopters
May 2024 - for 10 lovely people  -   $1400

Add-Life Bobo- headset only.png
Add-Life Bobo- single user software only.png

+Soft face pad

+Comfort back

+ 6 months

Or Contact us about NDIS pricing that does not require GST

Dot Pattern

Meet the Exercises

Bubbles - A simple exercise for reaching out with both hands

Mirror Therapy - try to push a button with your opposite hand!

Cricket - Stop the balls from hitting the wicket

Cherry Picker - Practice picking up small objects

Match 3 - Like candy crush but using arm reach and co-ordination

Music - Touch notes and they move towards you and enjoy the sound

Zero G - Pick up and throw in a gravitation free environment



Does NDIS support this?

As we all know, NDIS is a complicated beast. If you have a plan managed you can get this covered through NDIS as a Low cost assistive technology. Our introductory pricing is specifically aimed to make it easier for approval. We are also happy to speak to your plan manager. We have seen approval and will do our best to help. Under NDIS you will also not need to pay GST *
*(under service agreement which we can help with)

Introduction to the headset

Here Daish will introduce you to the headset below, - plus you can learn more about the system here.

On the same page Addy will introduce you to the menu system and activities. She will be your friend to guide you through activities.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at

1. Your new headset

Video 1 - Daish Malani - Founder of Add-Life will show you the basics

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