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Add-Life Research - VR vs Convetional Therapy
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Vr vs conventional therapy

Effect of Specific Over Nonspecific VR-Based Rehabilitation on Poststroke Motor Recovery: A Systematic Meta-analysis

We evaluate the efficacy of specific VR (SVR) and nonspecific VR (NSVR) systems for rehabilitating upper-limb function and activity after stroke.

Methods: We conducted a systematic search for randomized controlled trials with adult stroke patients to analyze the effect of SVR or NSVR systems versus conventional therapy (CT).

Results: We identified 30 studies including 1473 patients. SVR showed a significant impact on body function versus CT, whereas NSVR did not. This result was replicated in activity measures

Conclusion: Our results suggest that SVR systems are more beneficial than CT for upper-limb recovery, whereas NSVR systems are not. Additionally, we identified 6 principles of neurorehabilitation that are shared across SVR systems and are possibly responsible for their positive effect.

Maeir, Martina; Ballester, BElen Rubio; Duff, armin; Oller, Esther duarte; F.M.J verschure, paul ;  (2019) 

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