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My passion project: A word from our founder

Add-Life Technologies uses Virtual Reality activities and data analysis to improve the fine motor skills and the quality of life of individuals who have suffered a brain injury or require rehabilitation of any kind. We aim to be used in clinics, hospitals, by allied health professionals and in the the home.

The company idea was born from me working in Vancouver in 2012. I had early access to pre-release VR prototypes. Seeing the early hand tracking and immersive environment, it became immediately apparent that the future of VR was using the human body and one of the best use cases was rehabilitation. 

For me, it suddenly got very personal. In my uncle Arjun had a major stroke, with whom I had visited in India many times. My brilliant, beautiful funny uncle who was the life of the party suddenly would never walk or talk again. Sadly I didn't have a portable VR headset and a suite of software in VR at that time so he never recovered.

Then my other family friend Mike suffered a major stroke stroke. He died soon after . Again, another loved one suddenly struck down. I made a promise that I would make sure I made a tool that not only would increase recovery times, but assess moblity and help people understand their bodies more, to help in the prevention of such tragedies.

1 in 4 people globally over the age of 25 will have a stroke. 12 million people a year will suffer a stroke, and someone globally will have a stroke every 3 seconds. 

Access to rehabilitation and motivation are the two main problems people face in their recovery journey. We hope to make the rehab journey more

If we can make rehabilitation easier, more affordable and greater to engage in, many peoples lives will be improved



Daish Malani, founder and technical director has 20 years in design, with the past 10 years specialising in interactive Virtual Reality.

Daish studied human-centered design for immersive media at New York University (NYU) and in 2021 built a brain training exercise for an Australian Olympic Athlete competing in Tokyo.

He has built multiple VR activities in the area of mental health and has lectured in universities on the topic of user interface and its role in neuroplasticity.

Team Lead on the Add-Life program, she has experience as an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of practice with a focus on fine motor skills and a proponent of in-home care technologies.

Practitioner with hands on experience with multiple ages groups, conditions, and levels of impairment.


Leesa is an accomplished Non-executive Director, advisory board Chair and consultant after a successful career as a Minister for Disabilities, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse.

Leesa sits on number of human services and health related boards on the eastern seaboard including the Australian Physiotherapy Association, NEAMI National in Mental Health and Homelessness plus Community Options Australia, a home care sector.

Andrew is a specialist in business growth and strategy. He took a lead role in the $10 million sales growth of MOJO Kombucha over a 2 year period and was part of the deal team which executed a sale to the Coca Cola Company in 2018.
He has demonstrated capability in growing and leading teams and building relationships with key customers both in Australia, USA, and China through his time in the beverage industry.


David is a Chartered Accountant and Graduate of the Institute of Company Directors. He is an accomplished executive and director with 25 years experience, including corporate roles with a variety of businesses from start-ups to $500m turnover.
David was Group CFO of the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) of SA for 8 years and more recently CFO in a global education business. David is the founder of mcg horizon, a business advisory firm that assists organisations navigate through growth and change.

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