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Immersive Virtual Reality for Pain Relief in Upper Limb Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Pilot Study

Four of the six participants that completed the study reported subjective improvement of their symptoms and daily function. Despite these positive subjective reports, objective measures from the SF-MPQ, VAS, and WBF did not demonstrate such changes.

Future studies need to take into consideration the diversity of this pain syndrome and utilize outcome measures suitable to this population. Software had the capability to mirror hand movements of the user if the affected limb was not strong enough to hold the controller. This feature allowed a non painful limb to carry out motions that would be too painful in the involved limb, but still appeared as if the painful limb were in virtual reality.

Brian Chau, MD, Ivan Phelan, MSc, Phillip Ta, MD,corresponding author Bradley Chi, BS, Kevin Loyola, BS, Elizabeth Yeo, BS, Justin Dunn, BS, Sarah Humbert, MD, Justin Hata, MD, Ryan Haglund, AS, Luis Luna, BS, Graham Kampmeier, and Brandon McCowan, MS

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