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VR Exercises

15 minutes a day


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Attention Primary Caregivers

Add-Life helps people with their rehabilitation in cognitive ability,
fine motor skills, and co-ordination.


What is it?

A customized exercise program for stroke and mobility recovery you do from your home using a Virtual Reality headset that is fun, immersive and adjusts to your needs.

Daily use helps improve your fine motor skills, leading to regained function, and greatly increasing quality of life.

You choose when and where to do your exercises and for how long.

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The Program

The main program will be 20 minutes of relaxation, mobility, function & breathing exercises, can be customised to suit your individual needs.

We are continually working on new activities so you will never get bored. You don't need to have a clinician guide you through the exercises.

Adherence to exercises is the main focus. Daily exercise increases neuroplasticity, which means you can change your body and brain by repetition over time.

The exercises are suitable for acute, post-acute and chronic stage patients and can give early stage hand-eye co-ordination back to the user.

They are slow moving and relaxing experiences by default, but can be done at a fast pace if the user chooses.

See below for examples of our activities:


Why VR?

VR games in stroke rehabilitation have been found to have significant benefits for physical movement, processing speed, visuo-spatial abilities, manual dexterity and upper limb motor function.

VR also has unique properties such as increasing the amount of neuroplasticity in the hippocampus, one of the primary regions for memory and learning in the brain.

VR allows us to track your mobility in 3D space, allowing a greater understanding of your ability. Our proprietary mobility module tracks each movement so you can see continuous progress over time.

VR can take you to any location in the world, the universe, or anywhere in your imagination.


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For the individual or carer - Make your exercise more fun and effective. Focused on arm and hand mobility.

For the clinician - Increase adherence to daily exercise, get results faster. Generate mobility reports.

Who is it for?

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